Bamford Garden Diffuser Set 250ml

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The non-toxic oil base has been made with eco-solvents that are kinder to the environment, and provide a longer-lasting aroma. Size - 200ml Non-toxic oil base Longer lasting fragrance Recyclable glass bottle

Iris: White Iris is a distinctive and delicate fragrance, and our diffuser subtly references the quiet beauty of its namesake. With notes of iris root, and narcissus blended with rose and oakmoss, it is a traditional healing scent captured in a non-toxic oil base and recyclable glass bottle – turning to ingredients that are kinder to the environment.

Lavender: Our English Lavender diffuser has fresh floral top notes, with herbaceous, woody undertones that soothe and relax – recalling the calming aroma of blooming lavender fields found in the English countryside.

Lily: The sweet, delicate lily of the valley is balanced with amber and musk in our diffuser, topped with floral violet and rose to bring a calming scent into your home. Our non-toxic oil base allows you to enjoy the serenity for longer with a slower-release fragrance, letting your senses delight in the imagined experience of being surrounded by nature.

Rose: Our Garden Rose diffuser captures the delights of British summertime in a delicately balanced oil. An old rose scent with notes of geranium, citrus, honey and wood, the eco-solvents used in the formulation ensure a slower release of the uplifting fragrance – bathing the home in the scent and transporting the senses to an imagined secret garden. 

Wisteria: Wisteria is found fleetingly in late spring and summer. Our Wisteria diffuser is inspired by English gardens and recalls the intimate connection we have with nature, harnessing an aromatic blend of wisteria, honeysuckle and blossom for a scent that can be enjoyed year-round. The green glass bottle can be upcycled or domestically recycled after use.